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Save the iPhone 4!

What can you do to save it? We would like you to either upload YouTube clips and share them with us on our website - just email the links through to [email protected] or post it to our Facebook page - or email us at this address and tell us why you think the iPhone 4 should be saved from destruction! Make no mistake we will be ending it's brief life on earth unless someone comes up with a brilliant reason why it should not be destroyed! If you are the person who comes up with the "best" reason - you will become our WINNER!

The competition end date is the 15th of August 2010. All entries must be received by midnight of the 15th.

We will also be keeping a video diary of the story of the iPhone's plight.

Check out Ben from Breakfast's review of the iPhone 4 here.

Vote via Facebook if you think this POEM is worthy of saving (and winning) the iPhone 4:

Now I will detail why from this plight, I will not give up on the iPhone without a fight. 

The iPhone 4 is without fear or doubt, The best ever in technology that I could not do without,

A wondrous marvel, A sleek new toy, A super computer, That would bring me joy.  

To save a damsel (Namely the iPhone 4) Would be to give the world A technological glore,

For the iPhone is, more than just a phone, it is a super computer better than we would ever have known!  Submitted by Keegan Browne

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