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Face Tips



  • Round Face: Put on a ruby red lipstick or shiny dark pink lip gloss. This will make your face appear more bold, and not too rounded.
  • Heart-shaped face/Oval: Since heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces have high cheek bones and a narrowed chin, add a soft color like rose on the upper lip, and a bold shade like cherry on the bottom lip. This will focus more boldness to the bottom part of the face, evening out the top part and bottom part of the face.
  • Square Face: If you have a square face, the jaw will appear larger than the forehead. Avoid dark shades and use light colors like a soft orange shade, or a pale pink, but not light as in neon, like hot pink, this will add more focus to the lower part of the face 


  • Round Face: Put a small amount of liner to the sides of the lips, giving your face a less rounded look, but more straight around the edges.
  • Heart-shaped face/Oval: Apply a little more lip liner on the bottom than the top, evening out your face.
  • Square Face: Softly apply a wide but light border of liner on the edge of your lips, making it look like a shadow. This will make the edges of your face appear softer, and not as square.
  • Round Face: Put on a good amount of blush, preferably a fairly dark shade, again, this will give your face a more bold look. Just be sure not to apply too much blush, or you'll look like you got a bad sunburn, and this won't look good.
  • Heart-shaped Face/Oval: Avoid too much blush, you don't want to much makeup on the area where your cheeks are, remember, heart-shaped faces already high cheekbones. Just apply a light amount of a soft pink blush on your face. If you already have rosy cheeks, you probably don't need blush.
  • Square Face: Put on a fair amount of blush in circular motions with a medium-sized brush. If you have fair skin, avoid putting on a bright shade of pink, you want your skin tone to look even.
  • Round Face: Put on a dark purple shade of eye shadow.
  • Heart-Shaped Face/Oval: Apply soft colors of eye shadow, like pale pink, mint green, or sky blue.
  • Square Face: Put on unique colors like scarlet, periwinkle, and lavender. Remember, a square face is unique and different, so unique colors of eye shadow will bring out your facial features, especially your eyes.

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