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Nowadays it is very common for people to be given a work phone to use.  Normally these devices are strictly for work purposes only, resulting in users having to carry two phones – one for work and one for personal use.

At Parallel Imported we sell dual SIM mobile phones, allowing our customers to use both SIMs in one device – saving them the hassle of carrying two devices around and having more peace of mind.

Travelling abroad with a dual SIM phone

Most Telco’s currently lock their phones, which means users can only use their SIM cards with their devices.  This mean users generally have to utilise the roaming services from their cell phone provider which can cost a lot. 

At Parallel Imported our phone are never locked devices which means you can use them with a local sim anywhere you are in the world.  With our dual SIM phones you will also be able to use your NZ SIM with a local SIM so you can still receive calls and texts from friends and family back home on your NZ number while you take advantage of super cheap local sim card rates.

Understanding 'Unlocked' Mobile Phones

At Parallel Imported we sell Vodafone/Skinny/Spark branded mobile phones, however while Vodafone/Skinny/Spark sell these devices as locked to their network, we unlock them to save our customers the time and cost to get them unlocked.  We pride ourselves in selling mobile phones that are unlocked (or never locked) to allow them the freedom to use handsets with any provider they choose*. 

*Please talk to our friendly staff members to ensure the device will work with your mobile phone provider because the hardware specifications vary throughout.

What is a dual SIM mobile phone?
A dual SIM mobile phone is one that holds two SIM cards. This allows the user to receive calls and texts from two different SIM cards simultaneously. There are 3 main types of dual sim and we can find a solution that is best suited to your needs. Most modern dual sim devices (Advanced Dual Sim) feature a full functioning slot one 2G/3G/4G and a second slot that features either 2G/3G or another full function slot(2G/3G/4G), these are suitable for multiple networks including SPARK, Skinny, Vodafone and 2Degrees. Some handsets have a primary SIM slot that is 2G/3G/4G  with only a 2G secondary SIM slot, 2G may not be available in all areas so please check with your provider.

What are the benefits of having a dual SIM mobile phone?
Having two sim card slots means that you can operate two SIM cards on a single capable dual sim mobile device. You can make or receive calls and texts on either number and give each number only to the people that you choose. This is great for separating work and personal phone numbers without having to carry around multiple phones. Or maybe you found a great carrier deal for texts and calls, but it’s lacking on data.With a dual sim phone you could have one sim card dedicated to a carrier that provides you with a good deal on calls and texts and another sim card dedicated to a carrier that solely provides you with mobile data.

Dual SIM phones are also great for travellers.  Imagine that you were going on vacation, or overseas for a business trip. With a dual sim phone you could have your personal sim card, along with a local sim in the country you are visiting which will allow your friends and family back home to be able to stay in touch while you are able to avoid roaming charges and take advantage of the cheaper local pricing.

What is a SIM card?
A SIM card is a subscriber identity module. This is the tiny card found slotted in the back or the side of your phone that is used to recognise you as your telco carriers subscriber.

What is a Hybrid Dual SIM mobile phone?
A Hybrid Dual SIM mobile phone allows you to use one of two card slots for either storage or a secondary SIM card. While the primary slot is solely manufactured for a SIM card, the secondary slot can be used for another SIM card in order to use your device as a Dual SIM phone, or a MicroSD card to expand the storage on your device. All it takes is seconds to switch between the two- no hassles, no difficulty, no problems! 

What is a Dedicated Dual SIM mobile phone?
A Dedicated Dual SIM mobile phone has two SIM slots, alongside a dedicated SD Card slot, meaning you don't have to sacrifice precious storage space for a secondary SIM card.  

What Our Customers Say

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