eLayby Payments

This is a new online offer. All layby items are interest free.

A 20% deposit is required and retained if final payment is not met within the time specified/at all.
Final payment must be made within 8 weeks of the order date
Layby value must be $100 or over

Instructions to purchase online using eLayby:

Purchase your item and select 'Direct Deposit' as your method of payment. Please contact [email protected] - we will work out your deposit for you should you not have done so already. Your deposit of 20% of the total purchase price will secure your item for you. This payment must be made and received within two days of purchase. Payments for online layby items must be completed within 8 weeks from the date of purchase. You will only be invoiced once final payment has been received.

Please use your invoice number for each payment so that we are able to track it and place the payments against your outstanding amount - we will accept payments via credit card and online banking. 

We will email you at 4 weeks and at 7 weeks with the outstanding amounts on your account to serve as a reminder so that you do not lose out on your item or forget to pay.

Penalty Fees:

No penalty for early completion.

If you fail to make payments and/ or do not finalise your layby by the end of the lay by term (8 weeks) we have the right to keep your deposit (20% of the full price of the item/s), for administration, cancellation fees and to cover loss of the value of the goods. You will lose the right to your item/s and they will be resold.

If you have made payments on top of your deposit these will be refunded to you.

All items remain the property of Parallel Imported until full payment has been received.