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Terms & Conditions


Original text message must be presented
to a Parallel Imported staff in-store prior
to making a purchase. 
Message should not be altered in anyway.

Parallel Imported will only accept text messages received from 244, 
(an exclusive number of a third party service provider TXT2GET.)

Forwarded text messages will not be honoured. 
Parallel Imported reserves the right to question and reject text vouchers that have been altered. 
Parallel Imported Staff will delete the text voucher from the customer’s mobile phone inbox once the $10 text voucher has been redeemed in-store. Customer must allow staff to delete the message. 
Only one text voucher may be used per transaction. Customer must fill out a form and provide personal information such as name, 
mobile number and email address if any. 

Text vouchers are valid until 31st December 2008.

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What Our Customers Say

"Thank you for sending my perfume so quickly and so beautifully wrapped! It made it just in time for my Mum's birthday which I had left to the last minute. The customer service was fantastic and there was even a follow up email to ensure the product had arrived on time after I had mentioned the urgency. Thanks Parallel!"

Sharon - Christchurch