HTC 10 – A phone has never sounded so clear!

HTC, a brand synonymous with high quality have done it again! This week we received our first shipment of the HTC 10 phone. We at Parallel imported have been eager to get our hands on this, since its announcement in April. Hasn’t June been great, with some of our favourite less “main stream” brands bringing some cutting edge phones to market!

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Tempered Glass Screen Protection – Why you need it

Before buying my own tempered glass cover a couple years ago, I had little to no idea what it really was. After a little researching, I found out it is made by heating the glass and then cooling it very quickly. This type of glass breaks differently than normal glass, creating more rounded edges of glass pieces instead of jagged shards that regular glass creates. A tempered glass protector is a multi-layered screen protector. It has a bottom layer of absorbent silicon, PET film and an optically clear adhesive tempered glass and oleo-phobic coating in that order. Tempered glass is up to five times stronger than normal glass.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 makes it a design leader

Both the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge are now available from Parallel Imported – first with the latest phones and no contracts required which is a huge bonus when the telco’s are governing the airwaves.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 – What we know

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was recently announced at the Mobile World Congress convention in Barcelona.  The broadcast relayed a lot of hands on information about the device and you can bet we are undoubtedly extremely excited about it.  Here’s why!

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debunking the myth

Parallel Imported Warranties – Debunking The Myth!

There has been a stigma surrounding parallel imported products and its warranties resulting in us frequently being asked by our customer’s one simple question: “Do I get a warranty if I purchase from Parallel Imported?” The answer is simply Yes! And here we are going to discuss why the stigma exists, and what our team here at Parallel Imported are doing to give our customers the peace of mind they thoroughly deserve.

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Phone Buying Tips for the Spark / Telecom Customer.

At Parallel Imported, we offer a huge range of mobile phones – some of which may not be compatible with the Spark network (previously known as Telecom).  Here is a handy tip to help you pick the right phone if you are currently a Spark customer.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Parallel Imported Blog!

Here we will discuss various topics ranging from product reviews to the latest news regarding our full product range (Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Fragrances and Cosmetics) and hot tips to help further improve your customer experience while you shop with us.

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